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Schools & Education

School & Education

Raise money for field trips, graduation celebrations, enrichment programming, special events, supplies, and equipment.

Sports Teams, Athletes, & Associations

Sports Teams, Athletes, & Associations

Raise money for registration and tournament fees, travel, facilities, coaching, special training, events, and apparel.

Communities & Neighborhood

Communities & Neighborhood

Raise money for a church, a community center, local services, to improve a park, a special event, a local non-profit or cause.

Indigo offers a great selection of books, toys, gifts and more!

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Dovercourt Reads!

Dovercourt Reads!

Toronto, ON Elementary School


Dovercourt SAC Dovercourt SAC

We’ve had the most amazing experience with Indigo FUNdraising for our school. It was such a great success last year that people actually asked us to do it again and we raised even more money. This year, we encouraged parents and students to do their holiday shopping through our fundraiser. We also sent out weekly reminders in our school newsletter which were passed on to friends and family. I can wholeheartedly say that this is the easiest fundraising platform we have ever used.

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*Earn 20% back in Indigo gift cards on the purchase of Indigo gift cards. Earn 15% back in cash with the purchase of Indigo gift cards. Earn 3% back in cash on eligible purchases at indigo.ca.
**Total FUNdraiser value is a combination of in-store Indigo FUNdraisers and FUNdraisers hosted on indigo.flipgive.com